Maximize your meeting efficiency


MAXHUB X3 Conference Panel

Free and boundless collaboration

  • Elegant
  • Intelligent
  • Interactive
  • Collaborative
  • Powerful
  • Integrated
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Integrated LED wall

Created for Large Scenes

  • Ultra-thin design
  • Large and HD display
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Abundant applications
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MAXHUB Mirroring Box

Upgrade the conventional meeting rooms

  • Wireless screen sharing
  • HD presentation
  • Strong performance
  • Easy to maintain
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MAXHUB Singapore

Audax is thrilled and grateful to partner with MAXHUB bringing cutting edge technologies to Singapore. We are the official main MAXHUB distributor in Singapore and international MAXHUB distributor to Malaysia and Cambodia. We aspire to grow and aim to bring high quality digital technology to everyone.

MAXHUB, the innovative efficient conference flat panel with writing presentation, and collaboration functions breaking barriers of conventional meetings and cooperation. MAXHUB helps work efficiency and connects multi-parties and platform. MAXHUB conference solution offers all-in-one display, high-precision writing and featuring annotation. It brings you device collaboration, wireless sharing and remote conferencing, to help draw conclusions quicker, make meetings more productive, creative and accountable.

Why use MAXHUB Singapore?

MAXHUB can free annotation and writing. Annotating at any interface or using the mini blackboard function to record a flash of inspiration. Annotating and saving them on PPT slides is very easy and convenient. MAXHUB built with intelligent and free writing. With Intelligent recognition technology, you can erase, move, zoom in and out contents freely in an unlimited writing space. Intelligent recognition technology supports graphic recognition, table insertion, enriching your writing and presentation.

MAXHUB can touch and share, mirroring can be done through mobile devices. MAXHUB wireless screen sharing dongle and related software can supporting up to 4 devices mirroring simultaneously and providing you clear comparison.

MAXHUB easy remote sharing and collaboration of the integrated design, built in camera, voice picking-up and speaker modules. MAXHUB interactive flat panel empowers enterprises and individuals to collaborate efficiently and share new ideas in real-time even from afar.

MAXHUB easy saving and sharing meeting records instantly. Via scanning a QR code, meeting records could be shared instantly to the participants phones. It achieves an effortless, instant way of sharing meeting records. MAXHUB pays great attention to data security. QR code is generated within the local area network of the MAXHUB interactive flat panel thus the data stays inside of the classroom without uploading to any cloud servers.

Audax partner with MAXHUB aims at providing all-in-one conference solution to our clients. By creating an efficient, collaborative and intelligent conference platform, Audax and MAXHUB has helped more and more enterprises for maximize their meeting efficiency. Our client’s portfolio include in education, health, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, real state and Government sectors.

MAXHUB Interactive whiteboards are now a critical part of learning institutions and businesses. They do not only bring greater efficiency and convenience in learning but also foster engagement and drive performance. This is MAXHUB Singapore and how it maximizes efficiency. Contact us – the main MAXHUB distributor in Singapore, for consultation.